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You Cannot Deny Me
A royal proclamation is made. (Book15.Log001)
A Brooch Amongst The Blossoms
Luc and Cerin visit the Chrysanthemum, and find it ransacked. (Book15.Log002)
Something Has Gone Wrong
Varanim and Thirteen encounter Loss of Innocence; it's not good. (Book15.Log003)
You Could Have Mentioned That You Eat People
The Abyssal is defeated in a horrifying fashion, and the Lapis cats recovered. (Book15.Log004)
Memory of a Kiss
Lucent has a frustrating conversation with his Alveua pendant. (Book15.Log005)
You Are Not Supposed To Be Here
Spring journeys into the Nightshade, where an unhelpful demon bothers him. (Book15.Log006)
In A Big Country
Luc and Zahara visit the Lapis Court for some R&R. (Book15.Log007)
You Can Be Angry
Lucent delves into Varanim's psyche. (Book15.Log008)
Markuran the Raven
The Solars have an uncomfortable meeting with the returned Shadeborn. (Book15.Log009)
Dreams Stay With You
Luc and Zahara have a meeting with Neshi. (Book15.Log010)
Easy Problems Are Boring
Varanim discovers some uncomfortable necromantic history. (Book15.Log011)
War Need Not Be For Conquest
Imrama and Ahlat hammer out their differences. (Book15.Log012)
Who Are You?
Imrama begins a strange journey in his unconscious state. (Book15.Log013)
A Good Visitor Brings Gifts
Luc convinces Neshi to do him a favor. (Book15.Log014)
I Won't Burn The Place Down
Varanim becomes attuned to the Cascade. (Book15.Log015)
No really! Nothing did! (Book15.Log016)
Thank You For Everything
Luc and Zahara have an emotional moment. (Book15.Log017)
And Yet I Still Dream
Riordan speaks with Zahara of his faerie nature. (Book15.Log018)
It Is Not Me You Gave Up
Zahara and Cerin discuss the depths of Zee's pain in the wake of the Eclipse. (Book15.Log019)
It's Better To Start Small
Lucent gets Zahara to upgrade his Orbs. (Book15.Log020)
An Experimental Procedure
The Doctor is called in to repair Imrama. (Book15.Log021)
You Also Built It In The Wrong Place
Luc investigates transforming his Cathedral into a manse, but encounters a humorous setback. (Book15.Log022)
A Long-Awaited Spring
Spring returns to the Sunlands, and meets with Luc and Varanim. (Book15.Log023)
You Should Not Be So Afraid
Cerin encourages Zahara. (Book15.Log024)
Would A Few More Hobbies KILL You People?
Nim and Zee discuss the intricacies of shard/person alignment, with Lucent's balls on the table. (Book15.Log025)
Talk Of Your Assassination
Cerin surprises Luc with a dangerous plan. (Book15.Log026)
A House In The Mountains
Cerin goes to visit Xuan Ei in the mountains of An-Teng. (Book15.Log027)
A Visit From The Maids
... (Book15.Log028)
Change Is Not Always A Bad Thing
Spring and Zahara are re-introduced, warily. (Book15.Log029)
I Suggest A Tree
Spring assists Varanim in her unusual manse design. (Book15.Log030)
I Know That It's Coming
Varanim talks to Piercing Ivory, and receives a terrifying image of the future. (Book15.Log031)
It Might Be Funny
Luc enlists Varanim in a deception-laden plan. (Book15.Log032)
The People We Were
Spring and Cerin raise topics on the state of the various Exalted. (Book15.Log033)
What A True Circle Requires
Lucent and Imrama discuss the true nature of friendship. (Book15.Log034)
Dance Without Moving
Lucent and Spring engage in a performance-training dance. (Book15.Log035)
A Trip to the Caves
Lucent and Zahara visit a watery cave and discuss matters of the heart. (Book15.Log036)
A Basic Text
Spring and Varanim debate the importance of shard origins, and Spring attempts to make her a book. (Book15.Log037)
I Work For Myself
Lucent and Zahara grill Fierce Red Star on the Five Who Have Fallen. (Book15.Log038)
Let's Build Us A Treehouse
Verbena and Spring accompany Varanim to the Labyrinth, that her manse might be constructed. (Book15.Log039)
I Was A Warrior, Once
Spring recruits the first of his new squad of doctors. (Book15.Log040)
Before I Outstay My Welcome
Zahara lets Varanim attune to the Cascade. (Book15.Log041)
I Am No Great Leader
Zahara shares her feelings with a recuperating Imrama. (Book15.Log042)
There Will Always Be More To Learn
Spring and Zahara meet; the terrible state of the Oath Garden is tempered by efforts at reconciliation. (Book15.Log043)
That Doesn't Qualify As A Date
Lucent and Varanim argue about her associations with Abyssals. (Book15.Log044)
Where Is That Stupid Chart?
Lucent discovers a missing piece in the mystery of the Green Lady; Varanim learns of an unusual connection to an unexpected Deathlord. (Book15.Log045)
A Portrait of the World
Cerin shows off his interactive diagram of the world, while speaking to Spring of sensitive matters. (Book15.Log046)
Nobody Has to Know
Lucent and Varanim's "secret" courtship continues to fail to end. (Book15.Log047)
Let Us Make You Perfect
Zahara unloads more of her emotional stress on Lucent. (Book15.Log048)
I Am Here On Doctor's Orders
Varanim pranks poor convalescing Imrama, then stops in for a chat about Lytek. (Book15.Log049)
Truth or Dare
Lucent plays the first half of a game of "twenty-one questions" with the Sisters of Empty Sand. (Book15.Log050)
Touch of the Emblem
A visit with Black Mastodon reveals a larger ghostly-spy problem than Cerin and Varanim previously suspected. (Book15.Log051)
Losing Your Soul
Cerin and Varanim discuss the nature of souls. (Book15.Log052)
Cerin performs a targeted assassination in support of An-Teng's royal family. (Book15.Log053)
Very Soon, My Friend
Lucent and Imrama experiment with friendship. (Book15.Log054)
This Is What It Looks Like
Varanim and Lucent share a semi-awkward night together. (Book15.Log055)
Tales Make the Hero
Lucent pitches a series of novels based on the Circle to Zahara. (Book15.Log056)
Never Good At Reading People
Lucent and Cerin seek for answers regarding how the Circle relate to one another. (Book15.Log057)
A Matter of Intelligence
Imrama speaks to Zahara about regional politics. (Book15.Log058)
But Aren't They... Babies?
Spring tells Zahara of the young Sidereals. (Book15.Log059)
Almost As Beautiful As You
Zahara shares her Cup with Cerin. (Book15.Log060)
Still The Sun's Children
Spring proposes investigating a way to reconstruct the Solar Shards destroyed to create the God-Exalts. (Book15.Log061)
Book 15, Chapter 31
Lucent proposes his novel-writing plan to Cerin. (Book15.Log062)
Maybe a Winter Palace
Three Solars sit and discuss the political situation in the South. (Book15.Log063)
The Maw of Nine Dark Truths
Lucent (and company) learns more of the creature he battled in the South, and also discovers something shocking -- his own tomb. (Book15.Log064)
Innocence Found
Spring coughs up what used to be his stomach Abyssal; she is not as expected. (Book15.Log065)
The Weight of Tremendous Glories
Spring ventures into Varanim's hearthstone to confer with the General. (Book15.Log066)
Never One To Shy From Excessiveness
Spring is taken to meet Nesula for the first time. (Book15.Log067)
I Could Do With a Night Off
Varanim joins Zahara for some much-needed carousing. (Book15.Log068)
The Mask of Summers
Lucent and Varanim go to speak with Crow-Devours-Flame; a surprise revelation by Varanim leads to recriminations. (Book15.Log069)
A Handful of Silver
Luc and Varanim break up, very sad. (Book15.Log070)
The Finest Kind
Luc and Imrama share drinks and discuss matters of Solar Purview. (Book15.Log071)
I Like You
A tragic conversation, just before the Mask comes out. (Book15.Log072)
Then Who Am I?
Lucent and Zahara speak of Lucent's suddenly questionable identity. (Book15.Log073)
My Heart is Stupid
Lucent angsts to Cerin about his relationship troubles. (Book15.Log074)
A Circle Is A Family
Lucent and Spring discuss the nature of trust amongst Solars. (Book15.Log075)
You Were A Marvel of Self-Control
Spring intercepts Varanim on her way out and pleads with her to stay. (Book15.Log076)
And Some For Fancy Dress
A dinner is held for pleasure, and Lucent makes a literary pitch. (Book15.Log077)
Time Will Ease The Wound
Lucent and Zahara exhume the Maw's victims, and discuss Lucent's breakup. (Book15.Log078)
The Crux of the Matter
Spring speaks to Lucent about Obsidian, and also his feelings. (Book15.Log079)
Mud on the Carpet
Zahara and Varanim share a midnight chat as she absconds from the Cascade. (Book15.Log080)
My Better Interests Have Yet To Manifest
Varanim is intercepted by an Abyssal, and brought to meet with the Mask. (Book15.Log081)
A Long-Awaited Tea
Akuna comes to tea with Cerin and Zahara. (Book15.Log082)
Your Badges or Your Balls
Cerin and Varanim bust up one of the Sunlands infiltration cells in Netheos. (Book15.Log083)
I Have A Dream
Lucent inspires his generals to take charge of his vast projects in the Kashaen lands, Gem, and the Sunlands. (Book15.Log084)
I Thought You Would Be Taller
Varanim accepts the Mask of Winters' offer to learn Void Circle Necromancy. (Book15.Log085)
Time To End This
A talk becomes an argument, and an argument becomes a battle -- all for the benefit of the Broken Suns. (Book15.Log086)
The Truth Would Have Been Better
The contents of Varanim's room are investigated. (Book15.Log087)
The Midnight Walk
Spring and Cerin learn of the sending of dreams. (Book15.Log088)
Varanim the Hugbringer
Varanim and Lucent argue about his Malfean armor. (Book15.Log089)
The Light of the Green Sun
The Solars journey to Malfeas to gain a long-neglected ingredient -- the tears of Ligier. (Book15.Log090)
We Don't Need Another Hero
Zahara and Spring construct a Thunderdome. (Book15.Log091)
An Exquisitely Helpful Note
Day three of training -- Varanim escapes a burning room, plunges to her death. (Book15.Log092)
A Ship and a Banner
Imrama and Zahara salvage her broken airship, and discuss a new project. (Book15.Log093)
Widely, Though Gently, Delusional
A discussion of healing arts applied to insane gods, held in an opium den. (Book15.Log094)
His or Her Portfolio
Imrama begins his quest to drive the lesser Deliberators to greater heights with the ambassador from Great Forks. (Book15.Log095)
I Do Have A Very Pretty Mask
Varanim completes her physical training, and begins to discuss the specifics of tapping the Void. (Book15.Log096)
A Doctor's Picnic
Spring learns about what makes his doctors tick, over a meal of meat and apples. (Book15.Log097)
Tomb Raiding Again
Lucent investigates his tomb, and the contents are not at all what he expected. (Book15.Log098)
The Perfect Crime
Cerin steals a very important staff from the ruler of Paragon. (Book15.Log099)
We Shall Be Doing Pushups
Zahara introduces two distinct Markurans to one another. (Book15.Log100)
You Are Real After All
Varanim digs into the history of Lucent's slain foe -- and his seeming corpse. (Book15.Log101)
The Gift of our Promise
Lucent guesses the names of the Sisters of Empty Sand. (Book15.Log102)
For A Sun To Love A Star
Ligier weeps at the tragedy of his failed romance. (Book15.Log103)
The Sidereal Infantry
Spring brings the circle to meet the recently reconstituted Sidereals. (Book15.Log104)
Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
A Sidereal agrees to help Spring and Cerin with their anti-Broken Suns planning. (Book15.Log105)
Innocence Unchained
Spring goes to visit Innocence and let her out of the White Room; she explodes two tangerines. (Book15.Log106)
For Once I Wish I Was Thirteen
The names are extracted from people in Varanim's vision of Luc's funeral. (Book15.Log107)
Gaze Into The Void
Varanim sacrifices any hope of knowing familial happiness, but emerges a master of Void Circle Necromancy. (Book15.Log108)
To Mugadesh
Imrama begins to investigate bringing Lookshy's former client states into the Sunlands. (Book15.Log109)
Dead is Dead
A debate on the fine specifics of necromantic ethics. (Book15.Log110)
A Matter of Faith
Imrama and Cerin discuss the tenets of the Faith Ecliptic. (Book15.Log111)
I Am Looking For Something
Varanim unloads her burning questions on the Mask of Winters. (Book15.Log112)
A Great Deal of Strategic Information
Cerin pays a first visit to Swift Falcon, who is eager to get to work. (Book15.Log113)
Impact: Assault on Solaria
The Solars prepare for the Broken Suns' assault on Solaria, and discover the truth of Lucien's whereabouts. (Book15.Log114)
Impact: Sunspot Bazaar
Imrama and Zahara take on bombers in the marketplace. (Book15.Log115)
Impact: Outskirts Mansion
Lucent's assassins prove to be a more dramatic threat than he expected. (Book15.Log116)
Impact: Blight of Aeons
Varanim evokes her first Void Circle spell... at a cost. (Book15.Log117)
Impact: Northern Hospital
Spring deals with a disease outbreak in the hospital. (Book15.Log118)
I Try Not To Disappoint
Zahara speaks with Riordan about joy and suffering. (Book15.Log119)
As Elaborate As You Wish
Zahara and Spring speak on idealism. (Book15.Log120)
Impact: Glorious Evening Sun Citadel
Cerin stops a bomb planted at the Sunlands' oldest temple. (Book15.Log121)
Impact: Thrice Entombed Self
Varanim speaks to her summoned Hekaton, then races back to the Sunlands. (Book15.Log122)
Impact: Aurora District
The final strike in the Broken Suns' plan comes to fruition. (Book15.Log123)
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