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A Matter of Nomenclature
Cerin and Imrama combine forces to learn the names of various beings. (Book14.Log001)
So Be It
Cerin's trip into the Jade Pleasure Dome leads him into an unexpected conversation. (Book14.Log002)
Something is Wrong
Varanim gets the grand tour -- but an odd sight interrupts the visit to the garden. (Book14.Log003)
Moving In
Varanim moves in to her new digs. (Book14.Log004)
The Shroud of Eternities
Freshly returned from Heaven, Cerin discusses his findings with Imrama. (Book14.Log005)
The Land of Frozen Death
Cerin tests out a theory, with Imrama's help. (Book14.Log006)
An Assignment, Under Cover
Telani is given her assignment. (Book14.Log007)
A Cloak of Death
A multitude of disturbing factors with deathly overtones are discussed. (Book14.Log008)
You Cannot Serve Two Masters
Imrama speaks with Ember of Glory about his tangled loyalties. (Book14.Log009)
A Reverse House-Call
Varanim speaks to the Doctor about some nagging followup questions regarding her arm. (Book14.Log010)
In Togetherness We Greet Ourselves
The Solars journey to the strange world of Tesearah, where all thoughts are public. (Book14.Log011)
We Exist to Protect
Ember of Glory is interrogated yet further regarding his loyalties. (Book14.Log012)
The Cry of Ten Thousand
The Orrery of Lights is found and consulted; one more ingredient is acquired. (Book14.Log013)
A Problem With Tenure
Varanim investigates the strange voice inside her Hearthstone. (Book14.Log014)
A Sprig of Verbena
The Solars are introduced to Nesula, who's brought along a friend of her own. (Book14.Log015)
Those Who Rest Beyond Even Death
Varanim digs into her hearthstone's catacombs, with mixed results. (Book14.Log016)
Would You Like To Learn A New Game?
Negotiations are re-opened with the Locust Crusade. (Book14.Log017)
Divine Privileges
A decision about what to do with the imprisoned gods is reached. (Book14.Log018)
A Petulant Deity
The Solars go to meet with the imprisoned Gods in Yu-Shan; Ahlat is nonplussed. (Book14.Log019)
A Pox Zhan Your House
A visitor to the Summer Palace reveals that the Zhan line is suffering a death curse. (Book14.Log020)
A Night With a Necromancer
Cerin and Zahara chat with Varanim about matters of import. (Book14.Log021)
A Hut in the Darkness
Zahara and Varanim go digging into a mysterious hut near one of the local shadowlands. (Book14.Log022)
Our Great-Great-Great-Great Aunt
Seeking to learn more about the death curse, the Solars visit Tara Zhan keep -- and Zee meets another relative. (Book14.Log023)
He Is Coming
Cerin drags the other Solars to the southeast, where they meet up with the Second Herald. (Book14.Log024)
A Prodigious and Heroic Undertaking
Imrama hatches a plan with the Locust ambassador. (Book14.Log025)
The Tiniest Crew
Cerin and Imrama talk politics. (Book14.Log026)
You're On The List Twice
Luc inquires with Iallu about his final moments in the First Age, and learns of a surprise to come. (Book14.Log027)
Don't Waste Your Time, Kiddo
Luc and Varanim argue about soulsteel cages and past lives. (Book14.Log028)
Less Trustworthy By The Second
Varanim and Zahara bond during a trip to the market. (Book14.Log029)
Asking the Right Question
Cerin and Luc talk over the prophecies of the Orrery of Lights. (Book14.Log030)
The Old Owner's Clothes
Do past shard lives matter? A vigorous debate is had. (Book14.Log031)
Both Duty and Honor
Varanim sets Black Mastodon and his family to a task. (Book14.Log032)
I Hope She Flies
Zee shows off her new airships. (Book14.Log033)
Meeting the Twins
Lucent consults with the faculty regarding the creature he fought before his disappearance. (Book14.Log034)
Shattering the Landscape
The Second Herald does battle with the Solars, breaking the very world itself in the process. (Book14.Log035)
An All-Encompassing Darkness
Separated in the battle, Zahara and Lucent come face to face with the Herald again. (Book14.Log036)
All Too Much to Do
The girls head out for a trip to the bar. (Book14.Log037)
Mapping the Labyrinth
Verbena accompanies Varanim on her trip to map the inscrutable Labyrinth. (Book14.Log038)
Hang On, Captain
The Second Herald is defeated -- at great personal cost. (Book14.Log039)
A Distant City in Flames
Varanim has a troubling dream with a familiar figure. (Book14.Log040)
Should We See If This Flies?
Zahara and Cerin test out a new airship, continued. (Book14.Log041)
An Undesireable Housecall
The Doctor comes by to check on Imrama's condition. (Book14.Log042)
Return to Juche
Cerin revisits the library at Juche, now quite different. (Book14.Log043)
You Are A Sidereal
Some time ago, Thirteen follows up on a personal line of questioning. (Book14.Log044)
Rich People Always Have Lousy Taste
Varanim and Zee pay a visit to a reclaimed shadowland. (Book14.Log045)
I Need To Kill Him Again
Luc figures out something about Varanim's vision! They have a fight! (Book14.Log046)
Just One
Verbena helps Varanim map the Labyrinth, but asks for a strange favor in return. (Book14.Log047)
Just Keep It Off My Lawn
Varanim and Lucent investigate the Monstrance. (Book14.Log048)
A Bit of Phantom Pain
Zahara and Varanim have their latest girls'-day-out. (Book14.Log049)
Sunshine, Butterflies and Hope
A discussion turns into another argument about good and evil. (Book14.Log050)
A Cathedral to the Sun
Lucent's cathedral impresses Zee, but his plan about Varanim not as much. (Book14.Log051)
Killed, You Say?
Cerin and Varanim have a long-awaited chat. (Book14.Log052)
Waiting on a Beach
Thirteen and Berwyn head toward their unusual destination. (Book14.Log053)
The Best Treehouse Ever
Varanim consults a faculty member about her new manse plan. (Book14.Log054)
A Boatside Chat
Ferried by the Drowned Captain, Thirteen gets to know Berwyn better. (Book14.Log055)
The Cathedral of Dead Stars
Thirteen gains entrance to the Cathedral and meets its caretaker. (Book14.Log056)
The Tavern Explodes
In the time before joining the Circle, Varanim teams up with Thirteen on a "fun" "adventure." (Book14.Log057)
Two Simple Tasks
The Solars begin their planning for a journey to the Underworld, all in the hopes of saving Imrama. (Book14.Log058)
I Care About You, Idiot
Varanim and Luc visit Iallu, discover a horrific doom, and -- surprise! -- argue. (Book14.Log059)
A Deathly Vision
Thirteen is shown a vision of the future by the dead stars. (Book14.Log060)
Thinking Hard Is Pretty Much My Thing
Varanim asks Zee for a hand with something. (Book14.Log061)
You're Cute When You're Being Coy
Cerin and Varanim chat about deathlords. (Book14.Log062)
Another Tavern Explodes
The search for the lapis cat statues continues. (Book14.Log063)
Calendar Details
Cerin mentally interrogates Ember of Glory for details on the Calendar of Setesh. (Book14.Log064)
You Made a Friend
Thirteen meets up with Berwyn and his new buddy after his vision experience. (Book14.Log065)
Do You Want To Remember This Conversation?
Cerin interrogates Telani about her progress with the Broken Suns. (Book14.Log066)
A Trial and a Dragon
Thirteen begins the Trial of Wei-Dan, but a Primordial stops by to interrupt. (Book14.Log067)
Journey Into Abbadon
The Solars journey into the heart of the dead sun, but without Imrama's ship it is a difficult trip. (Book14.Log068)
Deathly Concern
Luc goes to Cerin with his latest idea. (Book14.Log069)
A Sharp Poke in the Eye
Lucent practices his doctoring; Varanim is bemused. (Book14.Log070)
One Fool in a Kingdom of Fools
Erevel and Thirteen trade barbs. (Book14.Log071)
The Third Tavern
Further progress towards the lost felines is made. (Book14.Log072)
I Thought You Liked Dead People
Varanim and Zahara continue their secret planning. (Book14.Log073)
There Is Always Another Way
Thirteen fights Erevel, learns a powerful lesson, and then completes his transformation in the company of... friends? (Book14.Log074)
Rebirth of a God
Pluto is reborn, and the Circle meets some unexpected friends. (Book14.Log075)
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