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A Breathless Forgiveness
Cerin shows Zahara the way that he can forgive her. (Book13.Log001)
A Pendant of Souls
Lucent says goodbye to a past demon love... but gets back a little piece of himself. (Book13.Log002)
Congratulations On Your Promotion
Zahara and co. grant the Emerald Throne to Ejava, then pay the Mouth of Peace a visit. (Book13.Log003)
A Warrior At Heart
Zahara tracks down Markuran's reincarnation, but leaves on an uncertain note. (Book13.Log004)
A Daughter's Ascent
Imrama and Thirteen offer Mnemon a new job -- in Xara. (Book13.Log005)
Plans For a New Season
There's much to do in the world of the Third Age; the Solars discuss a few parts of it. (Book13.Log006)
Sailing Seven Skies
Thirteen and Imrama discuss creating new paths between the worlds. (Book13.Log007)
The Den of Silent Thunders
The constitutional process, discussed over tea. (Book13.Log008)
The Art of Charm
Iallu begins her teaching career at Phoenix's insistence. (Book13.Log009)
The Girls of Spring Break
Zahara goes in disguise amongst the people of the Sunlands and learns what they think; some trouble shows up. (Book13.Log010)
Saraya's Secrets
The mysterious leavings of Saraya are examined by the Solars, leading them towards the Orrery -- and Rannath. (Book13.Log011)
Visiting Varex
Cerin visits the floating city he once called home, long ago. (Book13.Log012)
A Changing of Regents
Thirteen and Imrama travel to Xara and exchange Mnemon for Ikara; Rannath's identity is discussed. (Book13.Log013)
The True Path Speaks
Imrama speaks to Anjax regarding the Eledathi Dragon-Kings' needs, and learns of their conflict with Rathess. (Book13.Log014)
I May Have Offended You Also
Luc and Cerin chat, both hoping to make amends. (Book13.Log015)
A Return to Thunders
Imrama calls upon Zahara's expertise and bond with Ssithumi in solving the Dragon-King problem -- once again over tea. (Book13.Log016)
Flushing Out A Rat
Phoenix and Thirteen work with Ikara to discover Rannath's location. (Book13.Log017)
The Children of Gaia
Imrama and Zahara learn Ssithumi's side of the story, then call out to other Dragon-Kings to join them. (Book13.Log018)
Who's A Bigger Jerk
Nesula catches up with Zahara once again; they both try to avoid the mistakes of the past. (Book13.Log019)
A Theological Dispute
The Dragon-King meeting! Secrets are revealed! Wits are battled! Murders are again committed in the past! (Book13.Log020)
The Only Cause That Can Save Us All
Phoenix and Imrama take the first step in drawing Great Forks into the nascent Deliberative. (Book13.Log021)
What Happens to Gem
The necrotic energies in Gem's ruins lead onwards to another mystery. (Book13.Log022)
A Beacon in the Wilderness
The Ishadhi solves a conflict and acquires his first disciples. (Book13.Log023)
A Fierce Red Star
"Rannath's" identity is revealed, but his answers about his origins only lead to further questions. (Book13.Log024)
The Corpse of a God
Further investigations in Netheos lead to a horrifying discovery -- the remains of Pluto. (Book13.Log025)
The Souls of His People
The Ishadhi sweeps into a city and creates a sensation. (Book13.Log026)
A Battle Over A Sheep
The Solars address the refugee problem and discover the Mask of Winters' secret weapon. (Book13.Log027)
Healing the Land
The group discuss the details of the Deliberative, then off to rescue a Shadowland! (Book13.Log028)
There Was A Celebration
Zahara checks in on Nesula. (Book13.Log029)
Cultural Emissaries
Luc introduces Zahara to his Abyssals; they are shifty (yet diplomatic) about their goals. (Book13.Log030)
My Cup Runneth Over
Imrama comes to Zahara about his greatest concern regarding the Deliberative's membership. (Book13.Log031)
A Plague of Locusts
The Solars find that the Locust Crusade is disinclined towards negotiation. (Book13.Log032)
Plans for the Deliberative, and the Locust Crusade, are discussed. (Book13.Log033)
Drinks With A Head
Zahara meets with Ebon Blade, and receives news of an anti-Solar cult. (Book13.Log034)
Please Present Your Case
The Solars begin the arduous Deliberative interview process -- and a new Solar turns up! (Book13.Log035)
A Child and a Parent
Imrama teaches his disciples an important lesson about child-parent relations. (Book13.Log036)
In the Streets of Heaven
In Heaven, Imrama finds that all is not well since the Gods were trapped there during the Eclipse. (Book13.Log037)
What a Blank Card Means
Cerin pays Telani, Zahara's conspiracy-theorist "friend," a visit. (Book13.Log038)
Not Entirely Incorrect
Cerin grills Telani on her perceptions of the Sunlands Circle, from outside. (Book13.Log039)
We Will Do What We Must
Zahara and Cerin discuss the heavy matter of Akuna. (Book13.Log040)
The Swords of Truth
Imrama rescues the anti-Lily Gods, after a close call with the Incarna's warriors. (Book13.Log041)
We Are Not So Different
Cerin and Imrama chat with Grala about the state of Heaven. (Book13.Log042)
The Jade Pleasure Dome
Cerin attempts to infiltrate the most grand of targets: the Jade Pleasure Dome. (Book13.Log043)
Who Do You Represent?
The second wave of representatives come about the Deliberative. (Book13.Log044)
More By Love Than By Reason
Imrama pays Fierce Red Star a visit -- and makes a threat. (Book13.Log045)
The Final Delegates
The final two visitors arrive, bearing the most momentous news. (Book13.Log046)
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