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Into The Fray
Cerin hides inside Selonis' belly in order to be smuggled into Heaven; meanwhile, the others sneak into the Realm, where they're attacked by Hundredfold and Reshina, a demon who's after Kai. (Book06.Log001)
A Close Shave
Reshina kills Zahara stone dead. Cerin arrives in the nick of time. (Book06.Log002)
The Red Court of Dessication
Cerin and Birds journey to an elemental court. (Book06.Log003)
Into the West
The Solars grill Kai more about her various secrets, then steal a boat from the Realm and head out into the ocean. (Book06.Log004)
Return to Bi'allah
Cerin brings Zahara with him to the land of solitude. (Book06.Log005)
Stealing a Peach
Cerin steals peaches. Zahara will eventually be very grateful. (Book06.Log006)
The Plains of Elysion
The Solars journey to Elysion, discover new life, and go off to fight a horrific beast. (Book06.Log007)
The Lords of Elysion
The Solars defeat the horrible creature, meet the Lords of Elysion, and all is right with the world. (Book06.Log008)
An Island Of Danger
The Solars put their boat up to port, only to discover that everyone is gone. Then the Aalorai attack. They meet another circle of strange Solars on the way out. (Book06.Log009)
Harborhead Revisited
Cerin and Markuran journey to Harborhead and spy upon Ahlat. (Book06.Log010)
The Uttermost West
The Solars escape from the aalorai. They discover the majesty of the Water Pole (and get a good look at Dana'ad). Then they encounter some Red Lily pirates. (Book06.Log011)
Killing Ahlat
The Solars setup their ambush; Ahlat shows up and the fight begins. (Book06.Log012)
Pirates, Arr!
The Solars dispose of the pirates, and plunder their booty. They return home only to find their house impolitely invaded again and a nearly-dead Herons dumped in the fountain. (Book06.Log013)
Kai's Shadowy Past
Cerin and Zahara discuss the Deathlordy elements of Kai's past. (Book06.Log014)
Ahlat Escapes
Ahlat escapes. Everyone is disappointed. (Book06.Log015)
The Soulfont
The Solars journey to Letheon and discover the true source of all life. It is pretty. (Book06.Log016)
The War Room
The Solars formulate a strategy for increasing their war resources. (Book06.Log017)
Marku's Rose
Kai and Marku journey with Relovia to meet with the Roseblack. Lily troops attack and Marku is repossessed by the spirit from his tomb. Kai manages to avoid fighting the Roseblack's entire army. (Book06.Log018)
Bedside Chat With Herons
Cerin and Zahara find out what they can from Herons, then journey to the Chrysanthemum to search for the missing Orrery of Lights. (Book06.Log019)
Zahara and Cerin explore the empty halls of the Chrysanthemum and bump into an ally. Kai lets them know that the Roseblack wants a job. (Book06.Log020)
Bread and Visions
After discussing what to do about Marku and coming to some logical -- but brand new -- conclusions about how to deal with Lai, the Solars practice divination, and discover intriguing -- and scary -- things about their First Age lives. (Book06.Log021)
Kai Chats With Her Sword
Kai discusses the First Age with Arexus; interesting facts are revealed. (Book06.Log022)
Return to Nexus
The Circle discusses their latest information regarding the First Age mystery, then journeys to Nexus where a contact from Kai's past provides yet more info. (Book06.Log024)
Rathess Library Chats
Kai and Cerin chat with Ssithumi while Zahara digs into the stacks. (Book06.Log025)
Journey to Estoc
Cerin talks over some history with the slowly recovering Herons, then follows his intuition through the gate and winds up in Estoc. (Book06.Log026)
The Evil Tree
The Solars encounter the Cult of Laerad and defeat their attempt to create a new, more evil pole of Wood. (Book06.Log027)
Heart of Darkness
Cerin investigates the Laerad cultists operating in the far East, and explores their hideout. (Book06.Log028)
Surprise Tomb Raiding
Birds has a sudden urge and it leads the ladies of the group directly to Alahwi's tomb. (Book06.Log029)
Temple of Unfeeling Ice
Journeying to the North, the Solars surprise Iallu but eventually coax her out for an intriguing conversation. (Book06.Log030)
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