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Red Lily Manse
The Circle attacks the Red Lily Manse within its borders. (Book05.Log001)
Seeking Mines
Birds and Cerin go hunting after rumours of an Orichalcum Mime. (Book05.Log002)
Rovak Hartrunner
Acting on information from the Rumour Goddess Zahara met in heaven, the circle deals with Rovak. (Book05.Log003)
The Empty City
The circle ventures to Denandsor, seeking rumours of the Hematite Legion. (Book05.Log004)
Asking After a Ring
Cerin asks Herons about his ring. (Book05.Log005)
The Hematite Legion
Guardians are dealt with, and the General found. (Book05.Log006)
Meeting With Selonis
Marku meets with Selonis in an Isle of Glass, and comes away with an unformed concept. (Book05.Log007)
The Sea of Icons
The other Solars return with Marku to the Sea of Icons, where they discuss the Sun and other matters with Selonis. (Book05.Log008)
The Silver Pact
Serenal the Lunar returns and the Solars follow her to Lachu Atapis, home of the Silver Pact. (Book05.Log009)
Lachu Atapis
While Marku's honor is tested elsewhere, Serenal gives the other Solars a tour of the city. (Book05.Log010)
Test of Honor
The Lunar elders send Marku into a strange phantasmagorical world where his honor is tested. (Book05.Log011)
The Test Completed
The other Solars discuss matters further with Serenal; then, Marku returns from his test. (Book05.Log012)
Regarding Herons
Cerin and Zahara chat about his trip and about Herons' trustworthiness. (Book05.Log013)
The Test's Aftermath
Marku tells the other Solars about his test; the Solars return home and begin planning for future action. (Book05.Log014)
Serenal's Tattoo
Markuran and Zahara give Serenal her tattoo. (Book05.Log015)
Into the Wyld
The Solars journey into the Wyld to gather an ingredient for Exaltation -- and to confront Zahara's nemesis Tevezt. (Book05.Log016)
About the Faith
Marku and Birds briefly discuss the Faith Ecliptic. (Book05.Log017)
In the Realm
Realm soldiers become involved in the civil war. (Book05.Log018)
Out From The Wyld
The Solars complete their confrontation with Tevezt and return to safety. (Book05.Log019)
Trouble at Home
The Solars begin their journey home from the Wyld. Cerin spies a unit of Lily troops! The forest around the Cascade is burned down! The Cascade's river spirit is gone! Certain personal details emerge about Kai! (Book05.Log020)
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