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Islands In The Sky
The Lily's plot is revealed and the circle explores the islands of glass... (Book03.Log001)
Deep City
Continuing their explorations, Cerin and Zahara find another city below... (Book03.Log002)
Let Your Soul Unwind
In trying to entice the Krala to join the empire, Cerin, Zahara and Marku are informed of the Mysterious Man of the Woods. (Book03.Log003)
Solar Circle Sorcery
Zahara undergoes the trial and emerges having learned Solar Circle Sorcery. (Book03.Log004)
Sky Webs
Cerin consults Marku about the possibility of building webs in the dragonlines to capture stray essence for study. (Book03.Log005)
Dreamtime Questions
Cerin approached Zahara in her dreams, to speak with her and ask of some things. (Book03.Log006)
Dynasty Hunters
Cerin and Mark track down and capture some Dragonblooded (Book03.Log007)
Shadowed Unlife Equation
Cerin investigates the rumours of undead to the south... (Book03.Log008)
Vesathar Valley
The circle calls to visit Staaklon and the pterok. (Book03.Log009)
Dreams of Forgiveness
Cerin goes to see Zahara in her dreams once more. (Book03.Log010)
Hunting in the Cold
Marku goes hunting with Vasimi in the cold northern wastes (Book03.Log011)
Gifts and Ghouls
Zahara returns to the cascade, where Cerin's "gift" waits for her... (Book03.Log012)
Talking About The Shadow
The SUE's threat is discussed. (Book03.Log013)
Seeking Luna
Marku goes in search of on of Luna's Chosen. (Book03.Log014)
Many Meetings
Rovash arrives, then the Mask of Winters, then Herons. (Book03.Log015)
Dueling Rovash
Rovash returns for his duel with Marku. (Book03.Log016)
Following a Flower Home
Cerin tails Herons back to the Chrysanthemum, and gets sidetracked to Bi'allah. (Book03.Log017)
Markuran Corrected
Cerin explains certain things to Markuran. (Book03.Log018)
The Fairy and the Ghost
Rovash emerges from the white room and calls his lost love. (Book03.Log019)
Night Time Talks
Cerin explains to Zahara what was revealed to him in heaven. (Book03.Log020)
Personality Prism
Cerin visits Marku to talk about disguise artifacts. (Book03.Log021)
Talk In The White Room
Cerin talks in the white room with Zahara on things of some import. (Book03.Log022)
Father of Snakes
Searching for a gem, the lair of the father of snakes is trespassed upon. (Book03.Log023)
A group of immaculates investigate Harborhead. (Book03.Log024)
Seeking Allies
The Circle seeks aid in the war that will soon be upon it. Zahara talks to the Xi-Ma-Taxi. (Book03.Log025)
Grala Agrees
Grala reluctantly agrees to give aid to the Circle at Markuran and Cerin's pressing. (Book03.Log026)
Farewell Gift
Cerin says farewell to Zahara before departing for Juche. (Book03.Log027)
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