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A Sprig of Belladonna
Belladonna arrives at the Cascade. (Book10.Log001)
The Parting Of The Ways
Plans are discussed in the normal way: over breakfast. (Book10.Log002)
I Will Do The Impossible
While in Rathess, Birds and Thirteen hear a tale of Wei Dan. (Book10.Log003)
Expected Surprise
Cerin explores a soul-lab below Rathess, and discovers a horrifying weapon. (Book10.Log004)
Of Exalts And Men
Birds, Cerin and Thirteen discuss the art of Exaltation. (Book10.Log005)
Climbing The Great Tree
Thirteen finds homecoming is not all that he hoped. (Book10.Log006)
Dealing With A Demon
Zahara seeks the secret of Third Circle Summoning, but receives a surprise instead. (Book10.Log007)
Venturing Ever Higher
Thirteen and his compatriots journey upwards, and battle the Bone Dagger Kings for the first time. (Book10.Log008)
Friends, Old And New
Zahara awakens in captivity of Lunar general Akuna Ravdash -- and discovers that Markuran is her jailer. (Book10.Log009)
A Sun Inside
After a long time, Lucent meets once more with the Dragon of Fire, and is filled with purpose anew. (Book10.Log010)
Haze Around Lucent
Before Wasirru, Zahara and Thirteen discuss their suspicions of Lucent. (Book10.Log011)
Sesselje Explorations
Akuna visits Zahara again and taunts her for her refusal to submit. (Book10.Log012)
Ordeal At The Crown
Thirteen and company journey to the Spire of Wasirru, where they battle ashk-alla. (Book10.Log013)
Messenger Of Fire
Zahara summons a fire butterfly to aid her in her escape. (Book10.Log014)
The Legacy Of Wei-Dan
Thirteen enters the tomb of Wei-Dan and learns of his heritage. (Book10.Log015)
Talk Of Flowers
The Solars interrogate Ikara before deputizing her to rule Xara in their stead. (Book10.Log016)
The Sun's Long Shadow
Lucent and the Mask of Winters have a long, extremely edifying conversation. (Book10.Log017)
Bone Dagger Kings Removed
Thirteen seeks to destroy the Bone Dagger Kings, but instead relocates them. (Book10.Log018)
A Sighting Of The Bear
Akuna reveals the failure of Zee's plan; Marku shows off his human side. (Book10.Log019)
Golden Branches Of The Tree
Thirteen learns more of his heritage from the Wasirranu. (Book10.Log020)
Word From Meru
Relovia arrives in Wasirru, bearing a message from Zahara. (Book10.Log021)
Akuna Parts
Akuna tries once more to encourage Zahara to switch sides, before releasing her messenger. (Book10.Log022)
After travelling through the black to find Zahara, Cerin finds his fate ends in the flames of sacrifice. (Book10.Log023)
Thirteen returns to fire in Solaria, the city under attack. The attack is fought off, before Zahara's return brings darkness. (Book10.Log024)
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