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Trapping Flowers Amongst Blooms
The Circle springs their trap on the Lily in Chaya around the Summer Palace. (Book08.Log001)
Mopping Up The Flowers
The Lily forces that came to defend Chaya are defeated. (Book08.Log002)
Visiting a Tower In Hell
The Circle ventures to one of the Isles of Ash to rescue Kai. (Book08.Log003)
Kai in Hell
Kai finds herself in a deep pit, where she's visited by a man with no discernable face. (Book08.Log004)
Another Visitor
Kai receives a more helpful visitor in her hellish insect pit. (Book08.Log005)
Fleeing the Scene
Mission accomplished, the Circle Withdraws. While Cerin has a look around. (Book08.Log006)
Crystal, War City of the North
The Circle assaults Crystal in the far North. The city tries to run away. (Book08.Log007)
To The Control Center
The Circle fights there way through Crystal to the control room. (Book08.Log008)
Shikaya Falls
The Circle does battle with Shikaya in the control of Crystal. (Book08.Log009)
To The Utmost North
Having slain Lai Misuna's second-in-command with extreme vengeance and wrested control of her flying mecha city, the Solars find themselves once again in between immediate excitements... (Book08.Log010)
Rose in Dust
The Roseblack and Thirteen do "battle"... (Book08.Log011)
Gem Gets Destroyed
The Circle blows up Gem. It had to happen sooner or later. (Book08.Log012)
Talking With a Dragon's Weapon
The Circle converses further with Ata'la, who had been slumbering below Gem. (Book08.Log013)
Back in the North
Iallu helps the Circle learn where the Seals are hidden, but balks at talking about the Sun's doings. (Book08.Log014)
To Xara and Beyond
The Solars tie up some loose ends, then journey to the plane of Xara. (Book08.Log015)
Murder On The Dance Floor
The Solars attend a ball in honor of their visit. Unfortunately, three people explode. (Book08.Log016)
The Arbiter And the Wolf
The Arbiter asks questions of Cerin concerning the murders. (Book08.Log017)
Dreambreaker and Arbiter
Zahara is questioned by the Arbiter. (Book08.Log018)
Lucent Is Questioned
The Arbiter takes his turn with Lucent. (Book08.Log019)
Birds Makes Implications
During her questioning, Birds implies things... (Book08.Log020)
Thirteen Offers To Help
The Arbiter conducts his final interview. (Book08.Log021)
The End Of The Dance
The Solars discuss the exact nature of the murder. (Book08.Log022)
A Murder Solved a way, at least. (Book08.Log023)
The Conspiracy Revealed
The Arbiter takes the the Solars to heart of Xara. (Book08.Log024)
Night Meeting With Belladonna
Thirteen talks with an old friend. (Book08.Log025)
Exit, Stage Left
The Solars Abscond with the seal right in front of the Fifth Lineage. (Book08.Log026)
Talking About Secrets
Birds and Thirteen talk about Iallu. (Book08.Log027)
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